Re-touching, Alterations, and/or Restoration


$37.50/hour ($25 minimum if your photo needs scanned)
50% non-refundable retainer based on your estimate is required.


The amount you spend on a re-touch will vary depending on what you need done.

A simple portrait retouch (including blemish removal, skin softening, teeth whitening, eye brightening, color and tonal corrections, and possibly other necessary simple touches) could take as little as 15 minutes.

If you want heavier alterations done like a change of eye color, slimming of the waist or any other body parts, objects or people added it will take longer.  Just a caveat though: Photoshop does magic.  It does not perform miracles.  And so I can make no full guarantees I'll be able to do what you want as far as alterations or restoration.  But I'll make you a deal.  If I'm not sure I can do it, I'll let you know up front.  I'll keep you informed as I work on your photo so you can let me know if it's not going the way you want.  If for some reason I just can't get you all the way there, then you only pay me for the amount of work it took to get the latest version you end up choosing, plus the cost of prints.

If you've got an old photo you'd like digitized and salvaged from maybe water damage, creases, tears, or anything else, I'll happily take a look at it.  Again, I can make no full guarantees other than I will handle your photos with the utmost care so that if nothing else, you get them back in the condition you gave them to me.