Pop Portraiture

Starting at $150 plus the cost of prints.

_MG_8001-1chex_small_MG_8001-1chex_smallPop portrait of Joshua Tarquinio

What is Pop Portraiture?

Pop Portraiture is a style of portraiture inspired by Andy Warhol's photo booth style of high key portrait photography and his screen prints.  Every session yields a set of 4 photos that can be arranged either as 1 quad-split image, or 4 separate photos for you to print and arrange as you like.  We can repeat one image or have a series of different ones.  Whichever you prefer.

20140223_Amiano-45popart220140223_Amiano-45popart2Pop portrait of Danielle Amiano
Standard Black and White with Black or White Backdrop: $150 plus the cost of prints.

Standard Color Shot with Black or White Backdrop: $200 plus the cost of prints.

Location Black and White: $200 plus the cost of prints.

Location Color: $250 plus the cost of prints.


Watermarked digital copies will be made available upon delivery of your prints.


Travel:  $0.58 per mile after 50 miles traveled (round trip).

I consider Hopewell and Pittsburgh to be home base.  So if we shoot 10 miles East of Pittsburgh, it's a 20 mile round trip.  If we shoot 10 miles West of Hopewell, it's a 20 mile round trip and therefore no travel charge.  If the shoot is 26 miles away, that makes it a 52 mile round trip and the travel fee will be $1.16.

Prints 20141016_JLowe_5Star-15WM20141016_JLowe_5Star-15WMJoanna Lowe spoken word artist quad-split pop portrait. :

The print companies I use offer an ARRAY of products and I've made many of them available for your pop portrait printing needs.  I personally recommend a Vivid Metal print.  They stand out in every way and are worth every penny.
And to clarify, a quad-split print is one print of 4 images.  4 separate images are sold as 4 separate prints.


Here's a short list to give you and idea (price may vary depending on paper, finish choice, and print company):
5x5" paper: Starting at $5
12x12" paper: Starting at $12
6x6" Vivid Metal: $30
12x12" Vivid Metal: $55
24x24" Vivid Metal: $150

8x8" Print Wrap: Starting at $30
16x16" Print Wrap: Starting at $70
16x16" Canvas Gallery Wrap: $100

How do I get started?
By letting me know you're interested and making an appointment.  You don't even have to leave your home.  I'll come to you and if all goes well, we'll be done in less than 45 minutes.

Amy_Pop_67percent_WMAmy_Pop_67percent_WMPop portrait of Amy