Custom Artwork



$37.50/hour from conception to completion. _MG_8036croplvlsclrblnc2WM_MG_8036croplvlsclrblnc2WM
50% non-refundable retainer
based on your estimate is required.


Consultation: $37.50 (Estimated assuming 1 hour which is also the minimum.)
This is where you tell me what you want to do.  You may or may not already know what you want.  But I'll have some questions for you.  What are we decorating?  Why are we decorating it?  What do you want the image to convey?  What mood do you want it to evoke?  Is it all about the mood or do you want to tell a story as well?  Should it be simple in meaning or do you want to be able to see something new every time you look at it?  On what medium, and in what size will it be printed?


Materials/Equipment: $100 and up
Depends what we decide we need for your shoot.  Do you want a foggy scene?  We might need fog machines and dry ice.  Giant crayons?  I don't just have those lying around.  Trained bear that can balance on a giant ball?  I can get a bear anywhere but giant balls don't just fall out of the sky.*

Do you want something edited into your picture that I can't shoot myself, like a dinosaur or the Eiffel Tower?  Might need to either buy the rights to an image someone's already created.  Either that or send me to France.**

*I can't actually get a trained bear anywhere for free.
**For the Eiffel Tower shot that is.  Not the dinosaur.  In fact, if you want to make sure the lighting, angle, and ambiance are right, that's the best option.

_MG_6686_MG_6686 Personnel:  $????
Depending on the scale of the shoot and how quickly it needs to go, I may need an assistant.  I may need 2 or more assistants.  $150/day each (estimated)
If we need human subjects or models, they'll need paid.
They'll probably need makeup and hair styled, so we might need a hair and makeup stylist. ($125/day and up)
Wardrobe?  If you've got a specific era or style in mind, we might need a professional.
Food stylist.  $700 (estimated) Worth it.

You should also have a representative on hand to approve the shooting as it is going along to make sure our visions are coinciding.  Otherwise you either get what I give you or we schedule another shoot.

Travel and Accomodations: $????

Edit/Upload/Approvals/Changes/Uploads/Changes/Uploads:  $37.50/hour

After the shoot, I'll edit the shots together and post them to the website for your approval.  I will do as many rounds of changes as you want but will only guarantee priority on your work for the first two rounds.  After two sets of changes are made, I reserve the right to take care of other work and come back to yours at my convenience.

Prints: $???
Depends on the size and the material.