Artisanal Portraiture

Starting at $400 plus the cost of prints.

_MG_8001-1chex_small_MG_8001-1chex_smallArtisanal Portrait of Amanda

Artisanal portrait of Amanda, a runner about to reach a major goal
having come a long way through the metaphorical woods.

What is Artisanal Portraiture?

Artisanal Portraiture is a style of portraiture that tells the story of the subject (you).  It's you being you.  It is portraiture in which every detail is important, from the type of light, to the location, to the placement of props.  It is portraiture that will live on your wall, not just become part of the furniture. 

It is a photograph that will be admired for generations.

You can go to any department store and get a nice picture of you.  You can go to a lot of photographers and get a great picture of you.  But Tarquinio Photo is the only one that will take the time to get to know you so we can tell your story right and create something not only beautiful, but meaningful as well.

Artisanal portrait of KarlaArtisanal Portrait of KarlaArtisanal portrait of Karla, a painter. Artisanal portrait of Karla, an artist, in her studio.


What's the process?
First we set up a consultation.  After talking to you or maybe even while we're talking, I'll give you an idea of what I have in mind for you and we'll plan a shoot date and location.  If you have any ideas, I fully encourage you to share them as well.  Nothing is impossible with proper planning.

Watermarked digital copies will be made available upon delivery of your prints.

Travel:  $0.58 per mile after 50 miles traveled (round trip).

I consider Hopewell and Pittsburgh to be home base.  So if we shoot 10 miles East of Pittsburgh, it's a 20 mile round trip.  If we shoot 10 miles West of Hopewell, it's a 20 mile round trip and therefore no travel charge.  If the shoot is 26 miles away, that makes it a 52 mile round trip and the travel fee will be $1.16.

Prints :

The print companies I use offer an ARRAY of products and I've made many of them available for your artisanal portrait printing needs.

Here's a short list to give you and idea (price may vary depending on paper, finish choice, and print company):
Set of 4 wallets: $7.99
8X10": $9.99
10x15": $11.99
16x20": $26.99

Watermarked digital copies will be made available upon delivery of your prints.

$400 is the base price and covers the consultation, and simple planning, shooting and editing of your final choice.  Additional photo choices will require more time to edit and extra fees.  Complex planning will require time and possibly expenses, the cost of which will add to your total.
(If we shoot at your office or ball field, that's simple planning.  If we have to obtain permits, jump out of planes, or shut down a restaurant or city street, that would be considered complex planning and the time required to execute it all will add to your total.)
Whether the planning is simple or complex, I may require an assistant ($150) on our shoot if needs be.

I also recommend that we hire a makeup artist to make sure you look your best and minimize editing time.  Their rates vary.

How do I get started?
By making an appointment to meet with me!

_MG_5254-10_MG_5254-10Artisanal portrait of Theo.

Artisanal portrait of Theo.