Headshots and Modeling


Shoot:  $75  (Up to 2 hours of shooting.  $37.50/hour after that.) _MG_7391-1 mod wm_MG_7391-1 mod wm
Processing:  $37.50 per hour
50% non-refundable retainer based on your estimate is required.


Processing involves the sorting, editing, and uploading of your photos.  I'll show post two folders.  One of what I believe are the keepers and another with the rest in case you see something I missed.  You'll choose your final images which I'll go back and retouch to perfection, absolutely NEVER making your skin look like plastic or your face not look like you.

Here's a short list to give you and idea (price may vary depending on paper and finishing choices):
Set of 4 wallets: $7.99
8X10": $9.99
10x15": $11.99
16x20": $26.99

Time for CD or Download:
I might have a project or a concept I want to do either to expand my portfolio, expand my skill set, or even just create for the sake of creating.  If I do and you can fit the bill, I might trade you a headshot or modeling shoot in exchange for your time in helping me realize a vision.